Your vessel will leave the harbor as planned – not later. Use the entire scope of our services for NAV/COM equipment – you can rely on us


Your vessel will leave the harbor as planned – not later. Use the entire scope of our services for NAV/COM equipment – you can rely on us


Our inspectors comply with the highest standards when carrying out radio inspections and annual performance tests of voyage date recorders (VDR/ VDR-S) ordered by our Partners. OTCC staff perform the inspections as the representatives of classification societies that certified us as their experts. All critical matters will be indicated during the inspection.
The inspected equipment is often the only way to call for help in an emergency situation and thus it needs to be absolutely faultless. There is no place for compromises, our work guarantees that the ship leaves the port meeting all GMDSS requirements.

Servicing agreements

You may use a wide range of service contracts ensuring comprehensive support for the radio-navigation equipment, SBM (Shore Based Maintenance). These are tailor made solutions that suit best for your expectations. The scope of the service depends entirely on you. From the international coordination of services, to all-inclusive agreements.
An individual supervisor responsible for your vessels will be at your disposal. You will always know where to notify a problem and you will receive an answer exactly when you need it. All you need to do is make a call and you will talk to a trustworthy expert ready to help you, or send an email with the fault description.
OTCC implemented the service management system with the history of conducted services as well as records of equipment installed on a contracted vessels. As a result, we are able to provide assistance much more effectively.

International coordination of services

The ship's crew sometimes notice a defect during a deep-sea voyage in remote parts of the world. We gladly provide assistance in such situations as we are efficient in dealing with all sort of problems with the radio-navigation equipment.
Due to our extensive contacts as well as experience OTCC is able to provide services carried out by subcontractors, we coordinate services worldwide.

Deliveries and installations

Service is not everything. The equipment is quickly ageing, and new regulations require deliveries according to requirements. We deliver radio-navigation devices from the most reputable manufacturers that are currently present on the market. We choose those of which we are sure that their cost of maintenance is low.
In this way, we reduce the financial expenditures borne by our Partners to the minimum.

Remote support

Partners cooperating with us within the SBM (Shore Based Maintenance) agreement receive access to remote support in the event the radio navigation equipment fails.
We reduce the service engineer's interventions to the minimum. If possible, remove the defect with the help of the crew, if this is impossible – our service department will carry out a remote diagnosis. As a result, our engineer is prepared to remove the defect in the shortest possible time.

Sudden repairs

Does a sudden defect prevent a vessel from a planned departure from the port? We have an experienced team, a perfectly equipped workshop and warehouse – we are ready to operate in a very short time.
Present in the ports in Szczecin, Gdańsk and Gdynia and thus we do not charge you for additional travelling. We also provide services outside the borders of Poland. The majority of ports on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea are within our local range. When necessary, we can quickly travel to any location in the world.

Project management

Our engineers have a wide experience related to shipyard startups. It allows us to effectively manage the works of teams responsible for the commissioning.
The Partners appreciate our knowledge and gladly use it during retrofits or startups of vessels even before putting them to operation.